Weaning Toddler from breastfeeding, One mom's story...

Stacey Larocque, Author, It's a Bye, Bye Boobie Party!This is my own story about how I gently weaned my breastfeeding toddlers.

I’ve written it to help those Moms and Dads who are frustrated with extended nursing and looking for a way to wean a toddler or older child from breastfeeding without leaving their child to “cry it out”.

With my “best-Mommy-ever” approach to weaning a toddler from breastfeeding, you will hold your child, as opposed to some advice you may read that suggests you put your child down for a nap or their night time sleep, leaving them to cry and miss you terribly, with the hope that they are learning to fall asleep on their own, without nursing to sleep.

Understand I am not a doctor or a psychologist or anything in between. I am just a loving breastfeeding Mom who refused to try the cruel weaning from breastfeeding methods that were suggested – such as leaving your baby to cry it out alone, checking in on them every 5 minutes or so, rubbing their back for comfort, or even worse, the separation technique where the breastfeeding Mom is to leave their child with Dad, grandparents, or whoever for an extended period, while attempting to wean the confused breastfeeding toddler. I read this could take several weeks! That’s horrible, and I hope you feel that way as well.

I attempted to do my own research on the internet with regards to gently weaning a breastfeeding toddler from breastfeeding, and I'm sure you have as well. The above advice was among the limited suggestions I found and I didn’t agree with most of it. The advice certainly didn’t bring me any closer to “how” I was going to gently wean my breastfeeding toddler from using this breastfeeding Mom as a human soother.

Most of the information led back to experts commending the efforts of the extended nurser, letting you know that you are doing the right thing by continuing to nurse. Don’t get me wrong – I am 100% for extended nursing and there is plenty of great information to support the benefits to both Mom and toddler.  To read more about what a terrific gift you have given your child, go to:

But that lack of solid advice, that I, the confused breastfeeding Mom, could live with, prompted me to “do it my way”!

There is much more advice available on the internet now than there was eight years ago ; however, there still is not the “way to wean toddler” that I came up with, and had success with twice, gently weaning my son at 34 months and my daughter at 22 months.

If you are anything like the breastfeeding Mom that I was, I didn’t want to leave my baby crying all alone, for goodness knows how long. My husband tried to help, but he’s a big softy and couldn’t stand the thought of his babies crying, so I knew he was not going to be part of the weaning process.

I was feeling very much “stifled” for lack of a better word. I was very tired, very empty and confused.  I’ve since been criticized by other breastfeeding Moms, who have suggested that I was just in a “tuned out phase” to breastfeeding toddler, and that there are ways to get past this and continue with extended breastfeeding.  YES! Kudos if you can keep going.  Check with you doctor, check with the La Leche League in your area, about the benefits of extended breastfeeding and also with my advice, before proceeding with weaning a breastfeeding toddler or older child.

Personally, this breastfeeding Mom finally found the strength to forget the one-sided and vague internet advice, forget trying to involve my husband, forget the pediatrician's frowning face for constantly “ giving in” as he called it,  and try what I thought just might work for my sweet weaning toddler and this frustrated breastfeeding Mom.

I called my gentle way to weaning a toddler or older child, the Bye, Bye Boobie Party™, and outlined the steps for you, the breastfeeding Mom, to follow, in my e-book.

It's a Bye, Bye Boobie Party!

My advice is for the well-meaning breastfeeding Mom and loving Dad who are frustrated with breastfeeding a toddler or older child and want a simple and loving way to begin a new chapter in their lives.

$9.99 goes to the cost of producing the ebook and to continue marketing this advice to other breastfeeding Moms and loving caregivers.

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This is my own story and it worked for me twice.

Read it all.  Customize the details to suit you and your child.

I’m not promising the world but if you are ready to move to the next chapter in your life that does not include breastfeeding a toddler or an older child, give it a try.

I wish you all the best! I hope it works for you too!

Stacey Larocque
Author, It's a Bye, Bye Boobie Party!

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